Wombo is a startup tech company leading in developing an AI-based lip-sync app.


Wombo is a startup tech company leading in developing an AI-based lip-sync app. As a UI design consultant, added design features alongside their branding identity. I designed the still images used for the iOS App Store when potential users consider downloading the app.

UI Designer
3 weeks (Feb 2021)
Solo Designer


The client had already established a branding identify and user flow, but required a simplified user interface for their app. Moreover, they were having trouble communicating the process of using the lip-syncing service on the app store and needed a cohesive design to highlight key features.


The main feature of the app was the switch from a still image to a video that synced a given face to asong chosen by the user. To better communicate this final step through a still image, I included a before-and-after screen for potential users to see a snapshot of the difference.


Simple User Flow: Once the user is in the app, all they need to do is upload a photo and then select a song from Wombo's music library. Once the lip-sync video has been created, the user can choose to directly share it via social media, download the video, or choose to edit the video by choosing another song or photo.

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Integrated Branding: A cohesive colour scheme was maintained, in line with their logo and brand design.

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Communicating Features: To communicate the key features on the iOS App Store, I included key symbols alongside each page description.

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Tips Feature: Added a static section essential tips to ensure the video is high quality. Also preset the photo area to a box since the final video is in a square form, so users can adjust how much of the photo they want to crop beforehand.

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Design Process


Designed two primary options based on the client's branding needs and preferences. Since the client wanted to emphasize the ability to both upload and take a photo using the app, I added relevant symbols to the "Add a selfie" screen.

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Since this project was more interface-heavy, I was able to gain some experience in breaking down procedural features into key visuals. Working within the iOS App Store requirements for graphics enabled me to think more about what experience is being conveyed by the product when advertising it to potential users.

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