Hi, I'm Riya!

I'm an Honours Bachelor of Science new graduate at the University of Toronto. I majored in Cognitive Science with a focus on human-computer interaction. In June 2021, I graduated with Distinction in Honours.

Finalist (500+ entries), Adobe + Amazon UX/UI Design Competition, 2020
Honorable Mention (2000 entries), Annual Adobe Design Awards, 2019
Hira and Kamal Ahjua Scholar, 2017



why ux/ui?

My UX/UI journey began during my first semester at university when I attended a UWaterloo hackathon with a couple of friends. Although I had taken several fundamental design classes during high school, this was my first exposure to learning about "user experience." I loved the fact that I could use my background in art and apply it to the new computer science and psychology material I was learning as a Cognitive Science student. Above all, I was intrigued by the iterative process of UX that went beyond designing something visually pleasing. Because of this, I sought out website and app design experiences, as well as work-study programs that gave me the opportunity to conduct user research in teams. I still have a lot to learn and am excited to further contribute and improve as a UX designer!

design skills

Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Blender, Miro

engineering skills

Python, Java, HTML/CSS, C++, R, Git

relevant coursework

Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction of Computational Media (Figma), Cognitive Psychology, Perception, Object-Oriented Software Design, Probability & Statistics II, Digital Systems, Higher Cognitive Processes.